Something about ballet

Hello, everybody!)

I would like to tell you about another passion of mine (besides travelling), about ballet. One of the best things about living in Moscow is the Bolshoi Theatre  . I am lucky to be able to go to the Bolshoi frequently enough and see great performances on one of the most famous and important stages in the world. 

My favourite ballerina in the Bolshoi is Svetlana Zacharova. Since I have become a big fan of hers I try to go to each of her performances. The last performance I have seen was a modern ballet by John Neumeier, ”Anna Karenina”. I was really impressed with modern view on this classical Russian novel, and of course my favourite character in this performance is Anna Karenina. Svetlana Zacharova is a brilliant ballerina, she is beautiful, ideally technical, perfectly formed and she is for sure one of the greatest ballerinas in the world.